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Purpose Driven Life


Purpose Driven Life_Chinese

ISBM 978-7-5426-3099-5

This book is the bilingal verson containing both the english as well as the Chinese in Simplified Chinese
  Cost is $ 40.00 you can obtain from Amazon.com




Flashcards PDF:

The Advanced Chinese Class has voted to cover the 40 days of the Purpose Driven Life in Chinese.  We will start on 3/7 and end on 5/2/10.

The handouts of vocabulary and lesson are below:

Purpose Driven Life Chinese Class Lessons

0.) Introduction

1.) What On Earth Am I Here For 

2.) You Were Planned For God's Plesure 

3.) You Were Formed for God's Family 

4.) You Were Created to Become Like Christ

5.) You Were Shaped For Serving God  

6.) You Were Meds For A Mission 



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